Let’s Get Political: 11/9 Roundup

Pat Robertson has certainly stolen any headlines Richard Land might have made when he endorsed Rudy Giuliani, the man Land said “no way” about, for President. In one fell swoop, values voters now have no clear direction to turn. This cannot but be a coup for the Anti-Life Left. Let’s Get Political … Secular Blog Wizbang has the coverage of The WaPo’s coverage of Robertson’s endorsement of Giuliani.

Decision 2008

This has been an outstanding semester for quality blogging on the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Southern Seminary’s bloggers are certainly in a position to end the semester on a high note in this regard.

N.T. Wright is coming to Asbury, and he will be in the Podcast sooner than you think!! This is your chance to suggest questions for Trevin Wax to ask him in his interview. Were I Anglican, I would have cried tears of joy to see him consecrated bishop of Durham Cathedral, which had long been spiritually dead. Alas, your friendly neighborhood Redactor is not Anglican, and Wright’s New Perspective on Paul gives him pause, to say the least. For a good time, try asking our very own Dr. Shawn Wright whether he is related to N.T. sometime.

Chapelblogger. Honestly, I’ve considered dropping this feature of the Roundup, but I’ve determined that I will keep it, even if there is only one solitary chapel blogger in our newsfeeds. I guess SBTS bloggers just don’t attend chapel. Or if they do, they don’t feel their reflection s are worthsharing. I know it is the end of the semester, but I also know that we can do better.

Only at Southern this is a new category I’ve decided to start including in the roundup from time to time. It is what it says it is. Funny little items from life that you can only see at Southern Seminary.

Trevin Wax recently celebrated his blogiversary with a weeklong presentation of his top 25 posts during the past year.

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3 Responses to Let’s Get Political: 11/9 Roundup

  1. Will Jackson says:

    Tony, have you seen any feeds come through this week that deal with the Lifeway Explore the Bible lesson for this Sunday? The passages cover Matthew 19-22 which is a wealth of material, but the lesson only covers 19. I am still not sure how to handle all of this material and was looking for any other students who might have made comment of this.


    also, I was doing some chapelblogging, but the end of the semester has kept time at a minimum. However, I do think you should keep the feature.

  2. We got spammed on the “Rethinking this Blog” entry. Just thought you would like to know.

  3. Tony Kummer says:

    Thanks. We’ve block 1,700 spam messages to date but a few slip through. I’ve just added the “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” rule. So, only new users will be moderated. But everyone will be a new user since I haven’t approved any comments yet.

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