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Podcast #3 – Derek Webb Part 2

Derek-Webb-Said.mp3 … As promised, here is the 44 minute conclusion of my interview with Derek Webb. Some topics include: Why has your music changed focus? The church and politics Who is influencing you? Do you call yourself am Evangelical? And … Continue reading

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Top 5 Things I’ve Learned at Southern Seminary

This guest post was written by Danny Slavich who writes at Almanac of Captivity. Danny is an M.Div student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I jacked this list idea from from Justin Buzzard. (I’m going to keep giving him … Continue reading

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IMPACT 2008: SBC Small Church Leadership Conference

I know. I know. We have more conferences today in evangelical and Southern Baptist life than we know what to do with, but before you tune out of another conference plug, allow me to speak to a wonderful idea started … Continue reading

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Win A Free Book – Devoted to the Service of the Temple

Steve Weaver is offering a free book to the first Said At Southern reader who can ace the following mini quiz on English Baptist Pastor Hercules Collins. Just leave your answer in the comments of this post. 1. True/False: Hercules … Continue reading

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Podcast #2 – Derek Webb Part 1

Derek-Webb-Said.mp3 … Last week, I drove down to Nashville to record a podcast with Derek Webb. His personality and humility made for a great interview. Webb is an increasingly influential voice in the evangelical world. I appreciated the chance to … Continue reading

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Back To School – Fall 2007

I’ll be back in class on Monday. The comments on this post are open for any of our student readers to exchange their class schedule.

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Were You A Church Dropout?

“Oh, he’ll come back. . . He just needs a few years out in the world.” This is how one pastor explained his son’s apostasy. The boy had said the prayer at age six. He was safe. It was only … Continue reading

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