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Andreas Köstenberger on Kingdom Families

Andreas Köstenberger has posted a new article on Kingdom Families. He says: Every church, when asked, will of course say that they are supporting families. But is this necessarily the case? In many (if not most) churches what we actually … Continue reading

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Anonymous Quote From Southern Seminary Cafeteria

I heard from an anonymous source today. Now normally it would be inappropriate to quote such a source, unless they had said something you really wanted to say yourself but didn’t have the courage integrity. So after some mild soul … Continue reading

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From Southern Seminary to Eastern Orthodoxy

Why do we see a growing number of evangelicals in the West converting to Eastern Orthodoxy (Francis Schaeffer’s son, for example)? Why do we see a mirror image overseas in predominantly Eastern Orthodox countries, where more and more convert to … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Cussing Is Bad

It seams a little sad that ERLC needs to remind Southern Baptists that profanity is not-so-nice. Read their article for yourself. HT: Matt Privett The proliferation of profanity in American culture indicates secularization and an attack on Christian values. Media … Continue reading

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Alan Knox on Elders

I want to draw your attention to a very helpful 7 part series Alan Knox has just compeleted on Elders. Alan is a PhD student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and an adjunct professor at Southeastern College at Wake Forest. … Continue reading

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Who’s Who In SBC Blogging?

Les Puryear recently posted his take on SBC bloggers. I was surprised to find myself on the list as a “middle-of-the-road” guy. You can read his whole list here. I’m probably going to make every SBC blogger mad at me … Continue reading

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Stetzer Doesn’t Feel The Love …

Ed Stetzer recently reflected on the meaning of SBC smear mongers. “They will know we are Christians by our love.” It is odd indeed that people would think that they can advance a theologically correct agenda with fleshly and carnal … Continue reading

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