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SBC Diagnosis – do you agree?

Timothy George as quoted by Nathan Finn at SBC Witness. The Southern Baptist Convention suffers from both amnesia and myopia. We don’t know who we are, but we know we are better than everyone else.

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The Calvinism Comeback With Collin Hansen

Matthew Hall interviews Collin Hansen on the Calvinism comeback among young Evangelicals. Collin was behind the Christianity Today article Young, Restless, Reformed. Those interested in American evangelical Protestantism will find Collin to be a keen observer of many of the … Continue reading

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Why There So Many Christian Jerks?

Read or listen to this sermon by Matt Perry. If Jesus Is So Wonderful, Why Are His Followers Such Jerks? Now, aside from the fact that the women may have found great delight that this term usually applies to a … Continue reading

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Blog Appraisals

Over the course of the past three years, I have encountered thousands of Christian blogs and currently subscribe to well over a hundred. Each day a new blog enters the blogosphere with the hopes and promise of being read and … Continue reading

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Seminary Pressure? Read This Advice

Colin McGahey brings together some solid encouragement and advice for full time students with families. Read his excellent list here. … a list with the full-time working-husbanding-fathering student in mind is a rare find. So, I will start my own … Continue reading

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Capitol Hill Weekender

Here are two SBTS bloggers who have written extensively on their “Weekender” at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I am going to try to go next year – registration opens in January. Noah Braymen provides detailed comments on every session. Doug … Continue reading

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Gender Blog from CBMW

I know everyone has already linked this, but I’ll risk being redundant. Dr. Randy Stinson (my Dean) and company have overhauled the CBMW website (Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood) and installed a blog. The initial format will be news-commentary … Continue reading

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