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Podcast #5 Evangelicals and the Environment with Dr. Gregg Allison

gregg-allison-said.mp3 I am fortunate to have Dr. Allison as my theology professor this year. While discussing the doctrine of creation, he mentioned the biblical role of man as a steward of God’s world. This idea implies that all children of … Continue reading

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“Jesus Christ’s name is a proposition!”

Trent Hunter has transcribed several paragraphs from Dr. Mohler’s most recent chapel sermon. Read about it on Above All Things or download Dr. Mohler’s sermon on the SBTS website. Sermon date was Thursday, September 13, 2007. To say Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries

If you love books, this link may cause you to sin. Consider yourself warned. If your freedom will allow it go to this site and enjoy massive coveting library appreciation.

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Blog Roundup for 9/15/2007

This week’s roundup will open with Southern bloggers’ reflections on the 6th anniversary of the attacks of eleventh September, 2007. Geoff at Along the Shore will never forget. Denny at his eponymous blog will never forget. Dustin at Pastor and … Continue reading

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Dr. Lutzer, the Dentist

Terry Delaney reflects on a recent chapel speaker at Diary of a Seminary Student. You can download Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s sermon from the Seminary website. I have dubbed Dr. Lutzer the dentist because the previous two guest preachers have done … Continue reading

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Free St. Louis Mini Mission Trip

From Pastor Scott Lamb of Providence Baptist in St. Louis: I’d like to invite a car-load of SBTS/Boyce guys (no gals please due to lodging constraints) to come over to St. Louis (250 miles from Louisville) and help us paint … Continue reading

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The Social Implications of Calvinism

Too often we are afraid of the social implications of the Gospel. I was glad to read a new article titled “A Reformed Theology For Mercy Ministry” by Phil Ryken. Here is his conclusion, be sure to read the whole … Continue reading

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