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Top 5 Resources for Executive Pastors

Acts 29 posted this list for anyone who serves as an executive pastor.

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Top Ten Tithe Check Memo Lines

Read this satire (I think) piece from Monday Morning Insight. Todd lists some funny memo lines that people have written on their giving checks at church. #4 Don’t cash before Wednesday

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1001 Lists – Ultimate Info Overload

The blogosphere has a way of generating more and more information by the day. Check out this list of 1001 list posts to read before you die!

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Flash Based Bible Learning

Check out this helpful use of technology for Bible instruction.

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Köstenberger’s On Divorce

Read this lengthy new post by Dr. K responding to the recent divorce dust up with John Piper.

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Bloggers To Joel Osteen: “STOP IT” Roundup for 10-19-07

The Official Ten-Code List for Police communications lists 10-19 as meaning “return to…”. We pray that after yesterday’s extreme weather in and around the Ville, anybody affected will be able to return to normal. In this week’s roundup, many folks … Continue reading

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Speck In Willow Creek’s Eye = Log In Ours

With all the hype around Bill Hybel’s so-called repentance, we’ve missed something. Read Rick Mansfield’s timely caution: Lot’s of folks are having some kind of “Aha!” moment with Hybels’ confession. But I would still venture to say that discipleship is … Continue reading

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