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Get Linked By Team Pyro

Phil Johnson explains how you can get linked on the Pyromaniacs blogroll.

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Stetzer Said What?! Blog Roundup for 10-12 2007

The official Ten-Code list for police communication lists 10-12 as “stand by (stop)”. I don’t know how to relate that to anything, but I figured it might help you win a trivia game someday. Keep reading for all the best … Continue reading

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Vote For Timmy

Brister needs you help. Mark Driscol is offering to preach on user suggested topics. You can vote for the same question 10 times each day – and even more if you are a Reformed Sith. So go vote for his … Continue reading

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Should Pastors Receive A Salary?

Read Alan Knox’s on multi part series on this question: I do not believe that we can justify paying a salary to an elder/pastor from Scripture . . . 1. Elders specifically should “work with their hands” in order to … Continue reading

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Why You Should Borrow Sermons

Here is a pragmatic look at why and how to borrow another preacher’s ideas for your sermon. HT:MMI Here is what I am saying. I think it is AWESOME when a pastor uses another pastor’s sermon. Here is why.

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Denominational Money Laundering

Get the dirty truth about your Cooperative Program dollars. In conclusion, how responsible are we as Southern Baptists when we give money to a state convention that keeps more money than it gives to missions? How just is it that … Continue reading

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Creationism Is Bad

Read Dr. Mohler’s blog: The Council on Europe’s resolution is clear evidence of the fact that a secularized society desperately needs naturalistic evolution as the metaphysical foundation of its worldview. Any threat to evolution is seen as a threat to … Continue reading

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