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New NT Wright Interview

You can read a new interview with N.T. Wright here: Heavy Theological Dude Mistakenly Talks to Us 12/17/2007 The Wittenburg Door Interview: N.T. “Tom” Wright DOOR: So, how do we balance the experience of the church with the authority of … Continue reading

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New Poll: Name Your Top 3 Bible Translations

Based on the excellent feedback from our first Bible translation poll, I wanted to offer everyone some more choices. Many mentioned that they own dozens of different Bible translations – some over 100!If I’ve left out your one your top … Continue reading

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Missouri Baptist Convention rejection of Acts 29 Roundup EXTRA!

No, it’s not Friday. In case you hadn’t heard, the Executive Board of the Missouri Baptist Convention has taken the controversial decision to withdraw already promised and budgeted funding to church plants affiliated with Acts 29. At issue? As far … Continue reading

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ESV Only For SAS Readers?

I just saw the final outcome of the Bible translation poll. 54% of Said at Southern readers indicated the ESV was their #1 choice as a Bible translation. Good for Crossway. The Piper endorsement was big news around campus a … Continue reading

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Seminary Bloggers Without Homework: 12/14 Roundup

While engaging in Blog Higher Criticism, there are some times when I come across bits o’ blogging that do not fit neatly into my preconceived themes. If I were a Liberal, I could follow their scholarly lead and simply ignore … Continue reading

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End Game: Can Brister Take Back #1

At this point I’m more interested in the horse race than the sermons. Go vote for Brister’s question. The thing ends tomorrow. Maybe then we can do a podcast with Dr. Nettles and ask him the question, if we want … Continue reading

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Bible Reading Challenge

You can read the original post for more details, but here is the basic idea. Read the whole Bible before January 31, 2008. This post is an forum for anyone participating to share their progress. To get started, I built … Continue reading

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