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Some of you in the SBTS blogging community will remember the 2006 Band of Bloggers fellowship which coincided with the first Together for the Gospel Conference. Others will be able to recall in recent months the chatter about the possibility of having another Band of Bloggers fellowship with next year’s T4G Conference. Well, we are at the point where we can officially say that indeed, plans are in place for 2nd Band of Bloggers fellowship, and not only that, but Said at Southern will be helping facilitate next year’s event.

The 2008 Band of Bloggers fellowship will take place during lunch (11:30-1:30) on Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at the Galt House in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Guest speakers and panelists for the event include Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Mark Lauterbach–all men who I admire not just for their blogging but more so their passion for the gospel. The theme for next year’s conference, “The Gospel Trust,” will focus on what it means to be servants of God and stewards entrusted with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have created a new website specifically geared for the Band of Bloggers where you can find more information including bio sketches of the panel, articles, interviews, podcasts, and for those interested, registration for the event next year. The best way to stay informed on all the future developments regarding BoB is to subscribe to its feed. Seating will be limited, but we will do everything we can to make sure everyone interested can be a part of this event. As final plans and preparations are being completed, registration will open in the near future.

Given that this is the first time we have announced next year’s Band of Bloggers event, we really need help in getting the word out. One of the ways you can do this is through promoting BoB on your blogs. We have created a blog button (dimensions 190×50) which can easily be inserted to our template by copying and pasting the following HTML:

<a href="http://bandofbloggers.org/"><img src="http://bandofbloggers.org/

You can also go here for more blog buttons and headers.

Lastly, we will be needing volunteers to assist in the preparations and facilitating of this event. If you are interested in helping out, please leave a comment below, and we will be contacting you as the event nears. It is our hope and prayer that this event will carry with it great gospel significance and a trajectory of God-centeredness for not only our blogs but also our lives. May we all be found faithful with the treasure with which we have been entrusted!

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13 Responses to 2008 Band of Bloggers :: The Gospel Trust

  1. Bryan says:

    I would love to help in whatever way I can volunteer! Just let me know.

  2. Will Jackson says:

    Just a quick question: April 14th, 2008 is a Monday. Is the date Tuesday the 15th before the start of T4G or is it Monday the 14th?

  3. I tried to add the link to my diary and it will not come up. It just shows a little box with a red ‘x’ in it.

  4. That settles it. I am using my option days off for this. Count me in to help out!

  5. By the way, the HTML copy/paste is broken. It needs to replace the character after .jpg with one of these: ”

    If you don’t replace it you’ll just get a blank box on your page where the button would go.

  6. Will,

    Thank you for catching that! I must have been looking at the 07 calendar! I suppose it’s good that the HTML isn’t working, since all buttons now need to be changed.

    Could you guys do me a favor and try this code out and see if it works?

  7. Nevermind. I can’t get the code to show without the image popping up! Tony, the codehacker, will have to help me out on this one.

    We should hopefully have everything changed by the end of the day. The dates and buttons have been updated, and three of the headers are being redone as well.

  8. Count me in to help too.

  9. Tony Kummer says:

    The code should work now. I’ve updates the files to reflect the new graphics. Let me know if you guys have any more trouble getting the button to display in the sidebar

  10. The code I copied from the body of the post still had the 14th listed. I copied a link from Timmy’s Flickr file with the correct date on it into the HTML. It seems ghetto to my non-computer-savvy mind to do it that way, but the button has the correct date on it now. Is there a better way to do it?

  11. Actually yeah. I didn’t even have to change out the code. Once Tony updated the files, the image automagically updated as well.

    There’s a good word, “automagically.” It oughta be in dictionaries. 😉

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