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The Ministry of Attendance?

Ben Arment is blogging about his experience in Washington D.C. at the Capitol Hill Weekender. As a former church planter, he has had a little church culture shock at Dever’s Church. I think this quote is very insightful. I was … Continue reading

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Said At Southern Blog Madness

photo credit: D.L. For a long time I’ve wanted to create a who’s who of the Said at Southern Network. Obviously, there are a lot of standouts in our field of 192 blogs. (58 alumni, 115 students, 19 faculty) So, … Continue reading

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Is Love For Reading An Effeminate Trait?

I ran across this interesting quote on Ray Van Neste’s children’s book blog. It is form a 1917 public school teacher’s manual. Read his whole post here. “There is a tendency among boys and some grown people to look upon … Continue reading

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Christianity in music that is not “Christian” music

Southern Seminary alumni Brent Thomas has launched a podcast exploring Christianity in music that is not “Christian” music. It won’t change the world, but it might change the way you think about “Christian” music. The Habañero Hour is a periodic … Continue reading

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On Being Post-Postal

post-modern post-protestant post-reformed post-evangelical post-emergent I remember when going “postal” meant you were a dangerous nutter. Now it just means you have a future in Christian publishing.

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Christianity Today Gets Waxed

CT just posted an article by Trevin Wax. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Read Our Ears Still Itch

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Remedy For Your Addiction To LOST This Prescription Is For You

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