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Scott Lamb says “Make Me An Offer”

If you’re interested in purchasing Scott Lamb’s 6,000 volume library, read this post. Anyone want to buy my library?

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Help Me Design A Poll About Sunday School Models

Breakfast With A Revolutionary This morning I had breakfast with SBTS alumni Darryl Wilson. He is the guy behind the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Sunday School Blog titled Sunday School Revolutionary. We had great conversation about Sunday school and it’s role … Continue reading

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Dr. Whitney Reviews Two Best Sellers on New Age Christianity

Chances are you have heard of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Both of these books have garnered much attention when Oprah Winfrey showcased them on her daily program. These books are nothing less … Continue reading

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Forum: School Is Out, What Will You Do Now?

It didn’t take long for my wife to ask, “Now that your classes are over, what will you do with all your extra time?” If I was a handy kind of guy, then I would suspect some kind of honey-do-list … Continue reading

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Today On Dr. Mohler’s Radio Program – Os Guinness & Evangelical Manifesto

Just wanted to pass along this note from Matthew Hall: Os Guinness will join us on today’s show for a conversation about the Evangelical Manifesto. And, in case you haven’t seen it, Dr. Mohler’s response to the statement is now … Continue reading

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Are You Judgmental?

I just read over a sobering post from Travis Peterson’s blog. If you struggle with a critical spirit (yes there is a line between discernment and being mean) then you might want to read it. Remember, being sinfully judgmental is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Scripture Memorization by Christopher Pearson

Pearson, Christopher. Scripture Memorization: Its Purposes and Its Benefits. Kearney: Morris Publishing, 2007. 62pp. $7.00. Introduction and Background Information Chris Pearson thought he was saved, until God showed him otherwise. At 18-years old, he had a “moralistic” faith in which … Continue reading

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