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“Ministry is not a career, it is a calling from God.”

Read Brent Thomas about being calling into pastoral ministry.

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Poll: I’m thinking about dropping “Well Said”

I am looking out over the next little bit and considering ways to pull back on my blogging. An easy way is to cut out “Well Said” It takes me at least 10 minutes each day to scan all the … Continue reading

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My Cynical (self critical) Thought For The Morning

I’m sure this only applies to the careerists among us, but I see too much of it in my own heart. @ Seminary Time + $$$ + Hard Work = Status (degree) @ Churches Status + Hard Work + Time … Continue reading

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Will The Real SBTS Insider Please Stand Up?

It should come as no surprise, that I’m not a Southern Seminary insider. In fact, I probably spend more time deleting seminary bulk emails than I spend on campus. The only perk I get from owning Said at Southern is … Continue reading

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“God” A review and discussion of The Courage To Be Protestant, chapter 4

This is the fourth part of our team book review & forum based on The Courage To Be Protestant by David F. Wells. (series index here) It was written by Todd Young, a student at Southern Seminary who writes at … Continue reading

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Prayer Request from a Middle Eastern (Home) Missionary

I received this email from a missionary preaching the gospel in his home country in the Middle East.  I have removed the names and geographic locations to protect the Christian man in need of prayer.  Please pray.  The closing prayer request … Continue reading

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The Heart of an American Movement

Brother Hank over at the Lawn Gospel has posted a rather lengthy video of an interview with Margaret Sanger from Mike Wallace in 1957 about why she was a champion for the birth control movement. Check out Hank’s post linking … Continue reading

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