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Christianity and Liberalism 50% Off

Westminster has a monthly special they call the Classic of the Month.  This month’s classic is Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen.  It is on sale for $6.50 until September 15th.  Check it at Westminster Bookstore.

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Sneak Peak: Sunday School Wiki

I want to let you know about a new website that I’m working on and ask for your help. It’s called Sunday School Wiki and the idea is to create open-source Bible teaching curriculum for children, youth and adults. The … Continue reading

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What Does Your Professor Mean By Read?

It’s always puzzled me that so few Seminary professors qualify what they are asking you to do with your assigned books. I know Mortimer Adler describes several types of reading. A few well placed block quotes from How To Read … Continue reading

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Who Were The Top 5 Theologians In History?

If you’ve been watching Trevin’s posts on the top Christian theologians, now is your chance to respond. I talked with him about the series back in June, and several of the guys on the bubble could have made the list. … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Sills, Part I

While working on the book review for Dr. Sills’ new book, The Missionary Call, I was blessed to be able to interview Dr. Sills. We had to do this interview via email since he was on the mission field in … Continue reading

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Link: Review of Doctrine that Dances

Dr. Roger Duke, SBTS alumnus, has written a review of Doctrine that Dances. I’ve heard several people excited about this book, so I thought I’d link the review. He concludes: If you have not gotten it by now, I love … Continue reading

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Reminder: P4P

I have received some comments in the original post but have not received much in the way of a response with the covenant paper.  Please take the time to print some off to sign and turn in as this will … Continue reading

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