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MP3: BlogGodCom

Listen to speaksers from BlogGodCom at The Scriptorium Daily HT:Jared Bridges

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Justin Taylor Versus Trevin Wax: Who Wins?

Of course, Tervin’s readers do. Check out their conversation about the ESV study Bible Part 2 & Part 1

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Video: 08 Founders Conference Southwest “Growing the Local Church”

You can watch the live video, check the schedule or watch the achieved sessions.

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Jubilate in Concert this Weekend

Jubilate (pronounced joob-i-latte) will be performing at Carlisle Avenue Baptist Church this Sunday (28 September) at the morning service (10:45 am) as well as a praise and worship concert in the evening at 6 pm.  All are invited! 

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Whence He Shall Come to Judge the Living and the Dead

Continuing his series on the Apostle’s Creed, Dr. Mohler preached on “Whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead.”

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What Should Christians Say About Economic Crisis?

So far, I’ve seen very little talk about loving your neighbor who can’t pay his bills. But I appreciate what’s been written so far by Dr. Mohler, David Kotter, Jim Wallis, Alan Cross and Scriptorium. And the not-exactly-inerrantist iMonk is … Continue reading

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SBTS Chapel Video Online

Maybe Terry mentioned this already, but you can watch SBTS chapel video online. You can also embed the video on your blogs or watch live during the broadcast. Good work media services!

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