5 Simple Ways To Support Your Favorite Blog

  1. Write a comment – we all like comments.
  2. Send a supportive email.
  3. Bookmark at Del.icio.us – A popular bookmark sharing site. I use it to run our side blog.
  4. Stumble at Stumbleupon – I’ve been using Stumble some and like to “payback” blogs that link me. A good review on Stumble can sent a few hundred new visitors. Ask Trevin.
  5. Write a post linking to what you have found. Try to link using topical keywords. So link to Children’s Ministry rather than Tony’s olive Color blog. It helps the Googlebot’s self esteem. On WordPress you can also use keywords in the title field in your link tool.

Why? Don’t you think it would be a nice thing to do?

HT: Chris Garrett

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