A Professor’s Request for Prayer

Many of you have been blessed to read Dr. Roger Duke’s posts here at Said at Southern about two of the great men in the history of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has also recently co-edited an excellent  book with Dr. David Dockery entitled John A. Broadus:  A Living Legacy (read my review).

Dr. Duke not only writes for Said at Southern these days, but he serves as an assistant professor of religion and communication at the Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis, Tennessee and as an adjunct professor at Union University.

I give all of this information because Dr. Duke has asked for prayer.  It is obvious with just the few things I have mentioned, he is a busy man.  None of that includes his wife and children, his three book writing projects, directing a Master’s degree, and much more.

Roger Duke is asking anyone and everyone to pray for him.  You can contact him at

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