A Seminary Survival Guide Sampler

This guest post was written by Mark Warnock, General Editor, SeminarySurvivalGuide.com

I started Seminary Survival Guide last December as a way of collecting and organizing the counsel I’d been giving the seminary students from our church (we have six now).  I wanted to give them-and through the site, other seminary students-a perspective on ministry training from the vantage point of someone in ministry.

I found that my perception of what was important or helpful or useful in seminary changed once I got in the “real world” of ministry.  Seminary tends to be a bubble; I wanted to speak to students from outside the bubble.

Over the past several months, we’ve accumulated a good bit of content covering a range of topics.  Response has been great.  So as new and returning students are gearing up for the Fall semester, here are some posts you might find useful!

Making the transition to seminary:

Keeping perspective:

Starting up classes:

“Time Wasters” Series:

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