Abortion, Religion and Politics, and You: 12/28 Roundup

I am assembling a special roundup with your reflections on the end of the year. There are already some very good top 10 lists and year end reflections filed away safely in my Google Reader awaiting redaction. I have been blessed to share vicariously (blogopsherically?) in your lives and musings and ministries these past months. I’d like you to consider the year and share your thoughts in a blog post.

Calling For Links :: E-Mail The Redactor

So that nobody gets left out inadvertently, send a link to roundup.redactor@gmail.com and that will ensure that your year end blog post is included. The deadline for submissions will be Sunday, December 30th at 4pm. The roundup will go up on New Year’s Eve. So take a few minutes to consider the rich blessings that God in Christ has poured upon you this past year, the ups and the downs, and the changing seasons of life, and we will join you in giving thanks.

This week, an abbreviated roundup, where we revisit Abortion and the white-hot race in the Iowa Caucuses.

Sanctity of Human Life

Presidential Politics

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2 Responses to Abortion, Religion and Politics, and You: 12/28 Roundup

  1. Danny says:

    Hi Mr. Redactor. Just letting you know that the link to “read more” on today’s post does not work; it only leads you back to the S@S home page. Also, we’re unable to leave comments on the newest post as well.

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    Danny – Thanks for letting us know. I think we’ve discovered a WordPress bug! I designated the post slug as “2007” and the way my permalinks are structured confused WordPress and she wanted to pull the 2007 archives.

    I’ve updated now and all should be happy.

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