Abstract of Seminary Blogging #1

Here is a short summary of the great Southern Seminary related blogging from this past week. You can find over 100 constantly updating feeds from our student, faculty and alumni bloggers by clicking on the links above.

Ed Stetzer is making a blogging comeback (per his new job description). FYI: Dr. Ed Stetzer picked up the “DR” part of his name at Southern Seminary.

Timmy Brister has been musing on the Ministerial Marketplace again. He asks himself, “Am I going to try to market myself and become individually “successful,” or am I going to find contentment in the smile of my Master which is infinitely more valuable and honoring than the loftiest and most grandiose gestures of man?”

Trevin Wax offered a Top Ten Moments In Reformation history.

Brent Thomas has been teaching Vacation Bible School this week. He recommends some excellent Vacation Bible School curriculum.

Doug Smith looks at Three Ways God Spreads the Good News from Acts 16.

Todd Benkert writes in the Defense of Pragmatism.

The Towers has a great write up on Summer Missions from Southern Seminary

Dustin Benge continues his series on Evil and the Glory of God – to date he is on #8 making it a virtual blog book.

Don’t miss all the great content from Southeastern Seminary bloggers – they now have a RSS feed for their well said.

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