Alan Knox on Elders

I want to draw your attention to a very helpful 7 part series Alan Knox has just compeleted on Elders. Alan is a PhD student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and an adjunct professor at Southeastern College at Wake Forest. He writes at The Assembling of the Church. A quote from his conclusion post:

In this series, I’ve suggested that Scripture does not hold elders to a higher standard of character, leadership, teaching, shepherding, or oversight. Also, I’ve suggested that Scripture does not add any responsibilities to elders in these areas above the responsibilities of all believers. Instead, I’ve suggested that, according to Scripture, all believers have the same responsibilities in these areas.

Does this mean that elders are unscriptural? Does this mean that elders are unimportant?

1. Elders (Part 1) – Introduction
2. Elders (Part 2) – Character
3. Elders (Part 3) – Leadership
4. Elders (Part 4) – Teaching
5. Elders (Part 5) – Shepherding
6. Elders (Part 6) – Overseeing
7. Elders (Part 7) – Conclusion

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