Amended Membership Resolution Passes

I first read this on Timmy Brister’s Open Thread.  The SBC has overwhelmingly passed an ammended resolution regarding regenerate church membership.  Baptist Press updated their article this morning at 9:30.  Read it here.  Most importantly, the ammended resolution has a call for repentance.  Please pray that all the churches in the SBC now take this resolution seriously. 

HT:  Timmy Brister 

***UPDATE (6:26 pm)***

I only include this update because this is Tom Ascol’s “pet” if you will.  Read what he wrote regarding the passing of this resolution

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One Response to Amended Membership Resolution Passes

  1. kschaub says:

    I have been following the action about the RCM resolution(s) for a few months. So, I am excited about the amended resolution passing, especially with reference to repentance.

    Now we need to pray for pastors and messengers–that they would bring that home with them and to take a hard look at their roles and reaffirm a commitment to RCM where necessary.


    kschaubs last blog post..SBC Regenerate Church Membership Resolution PASSED: Now What?

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