Andrew Fuller Conference at SBTS

Conference Details

  • August 25-26, 2008
  • Speakers include: R. Albert Mohler, Jr., Tom Nettles, Malcolm Yarnell, and more
  • Registration for the conference is $80.00 per person (including meals) and only $40.00 for students.
  • Book giveaways

Conference Resources:

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3 Responses to Andrew Fuller Conference at SBTS

  1. Greg Alford says:

    Plenary Session 1: ?The English Calvinistic Baptists of the 17th Century—An Overview?
    Dr. Malcolm Yarnell (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

    Ok… I’ll bite… is this a spoof?

    Greg Alfords last blog post..SBC "One Size Fits All"

  2. Tony Kummer says:

    @Greg: It’s real, Yarnell is a baptist history guy.

  3. Greg Alford says:

    Tony… I knew Dr. Yarnell was a Baptist history guy (a little to Landmark for me personally)… and perhaps I am wrong, but I thought Dr. Yarnell was not overly found of Calvinism? So, I was a little surprised by his assignment in this conference… “things that make you go hmmm”

    Greg Alfords last blog post..The Anti-Calvinist!

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