Anonymous Quote From Southern Seminary Cafeteria

I heard from an anonymous source today.

Now normally it would be inappropriate to quote such a source, unless they had said something you really wanted to say yourself but didn’t have the courage integrity. So after some mild soul searching –or was it indigestion?– I decided to post this anonymous quote from the Southern Seminary lunchroom.

“You should check out the Tony Smith videos on YouTube. They are hilarious.”

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3 Responses to Anonymous Quote From Southern Seminary Cafeteria

  1. Jay says:

    This guy is from Atlanta and on cable out there. We used to watch him after our college Bible study. It was always good for a laugh. One of they guys in my group said it was like someone talked to Tony right before the show came on and said, “Hey Tony, what makes you angry?” and then gave him a microphone.

  2. Brother Hank says:

    His Crocodile one is great…

    and I love the one (I think it’s on women in the pastorate) where he says,”Everybody want to know what the Greek and the Hebrew say when it condemns something that ain’t got no business doing…”

    Brother Hanks last blog post..Donald Miller, Democrats, and the Death of Christ (against injustice*)

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