Are You Judgmental?

I just read over a sobering post from Travis Peterson’s blog. If you struggle with a critical spirit (yes there is a line between discernment and being mean) then you might want to read it.

Remember, being sinfully judgmental is when you judge others with a different standard than you judge yourself (Matthew 7:1) or when you think that you somehow have the right not only to say something is wrong but to also pass sentence on another when you have not been given that authority (Romans 14:4). It is not, however, sinfully judgmental to look at another’s life, see a sin, and call that sin what it is. Your attitude and spirit while doing this is very important, but there is a way in which we must lovingly admonish one another (Colossians 3:16).

Travis is also looking for feedback, so leave a comment on his post.

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