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Gender Blogging Roundup for 3/21/08

Your friendly neighborhood redactor has had his eyes opened in recent years to how important Jesus Christ being not just human, but specifically a man was to his earthly ministry, and his continuing ministry in Heaven. Today we remember his … Continue reading

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Urgent: Can you send me your class notes so I can study?

Said at Southern often publishes guest content that would interest our readers. If you have a post idea, just email This post was written by Will Jackson, a southern seminary student who blogs at Ramblings, Thoughts, and What We … Continue reading

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Engaging Culture Roundup for 03/08

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night will stop the Redactor from making his appointed rounds, although they may delay him from time to time. I present below, Southern Seminary bloggers interacting with aspects of our culture at large. … Continue reading

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Evangelism First! Roundup for 2/29/2008

Just in time for the first weekend of March, I am pleased to redact a leap-year edition of the Evangelism First! roundup. Calvinism and Evangelism co-existing peacefully on the same blog? I guess you’ll have to go below the fold … Continue reading

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Let’s get Metaphysical Roundup – The “C” Word, Church Discipline, That Northern Vice & Numa

This week’s roundup begins with the Doctrine That Shall Not Be Named. I am pleased present blogging on the scarlet letter “C” that has been branded to many a Southern Seminary chest. When in the same chapel semester we had … Continue reading

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Gender Roundup for 2/15/2007

The Redactor is a bit of a curmudgeon, and performed his manly duties this Valentine’s day without complaining, but cannot pass up the opportunity to iterate that the Vatican has admitted that they’re pretty sure St. Valentine never existed. If … Continue reading

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Roundup Double-Feature

So, the Roundup Redactor fell behind in his work last week, but I am now pleased to offer a two-for-one deal. Two weeks for the price of one. This week we will combine the Evangelism First! roundup with Engaging Culture.

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