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“Church” A review and discussion of The Courage To Be Protestant, chapter 7

This is the seventh part of our team book review & forum based on The Courage To Be Protestant by David F. Wells. (series index here) It was written by Trevin Wax, a student at SBTS. He writes at Kingdom … Continue reading

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From Southern Seminary to Eastern Orthodoxy

Why do we see a growing number of evangelicals in the West converting to Eastern Orthodoxy (Francis Schaeffer’s son, for example)? Why do we see a mirror image overseas in predominantly Eastern Orthodox countries, where more and more convert to … Continue reading

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Mohler on “Asking Jesus Into Your Heart”

 A few weeks ago, we looked at the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus” in light of Scriptural teaching. Today, we will look at another popular phrase: “Ask Jesus into your heart.” On the August 8, 2007 edition of The Albert Mohler … Continue reading

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Let Grace Abound in Us, Fellow Seminary Students

It is an exciting time to be a student at Southern Seminary. We are privileged to sit at the feet of some of the most gifted, world-renowned scholars on the planet. The seminary is growing by leaps and bounds. Our … Continue reading

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Rethinking our Vocabulary: “Personal Relationship with Jesus”

Asking hard questions about our Christian vocabulary may make us squirm a little. But it’s healthy to ask questions if our goal is to adopt better, more-biblical terminology. Let’s consider the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus.” In the last century, evangelical churches grew … Continue reading

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A Review of Derek Webb’s “A Love That’s Stronger Than Our Fear”

This article continues our review series on Derek Webb’s latest CD. We are reviewing and practicing cultural analysis on every song from the “The Ringing Bell.” This post is written by Southern Seminary student Trevin Wax from Kingdom People. Previous … Continue reading

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The Upside Down Resume

Today’s article was written by M.Div student Trevin Wax who blogs at Kingdom People. For more great guest content be sure to subscribe to our feedget Said At Southern updates via email. Have you ever felt as if you were … Continue reading

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