Be Desperate for the Spirit

Dr. David Platt not only brought the Word today in chapel, he threw down.  He issued a challenge not to just the seminary community, but the SBC at large as well as anyone else who calls Christ their Lord and Savior.  He preached from Exodus 33 as to why we should be desperate for the Holy Spirit.  He gave us four reasons:

  1. We have an assignment we cannot fulfill
  2. We have a privilege we cannot forsake
  3. We have a family we cannot forget
  4. We have a God we cannot fathom

This is a challenging message from a preacher who is annointed by God.  If you have the opportunity to attend at 10 am tomorrow (Wednesday the 3rd) or Thursday in chapel, do yourself a favor and attend.  You can download the message here when it is ready.  You can read the fuller chapel blog here.

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