Bible Reading Challenge

You can read the original post for more details, but here is the basic idea. Read the whole Bible before January 31, 2008.

This post is an forum for anyone participating to share their progress.

To get started, I built this Bible Reading Chart. It’s nothing fancy, but I wanted a way to keep track of my reading. All I need to do is read 24 pages per day. For now, I’m splitting time between the OT and NT.

Here are some others who have agreed to try and will likely be blogging about the challenge on their blogs. If your doing it let me know so I can add a link.

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20 Responses to Bible Reading Challenge

  1. joe says:

    I’m liking the handy chart. Thanks for making it up. I’m reading from the Reformation Study Bible (ESV). I have to read about 34-35 pages a day (lots of notes that I’m skipping).


  2. I am aiming much lower, but my accountability group has designed a reading plan that will take us through the NT between semester, the OT during Spring and again in the Summer and then the NT during the Fall semester.

    For what it is worth, I started on 1 Dec and will finish the NT on 27 Jan.

  3. hey, at least you spelled my middle name right…lol no worries.
    after day 2 i am still on the wagon!

  4. RC says:

    I am in as of 12-14 . I will be blogging my thoughts on the daily readings. Great Challenge. Anyone taking this challenge has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  5. Tony Kummer says:

    Week #1 Update:
    I read 148 page (20.4 per day), this is a little behind my planned pace. It’s been a great experience so far. Many themes and repeated phrases have jumped out at me since I’m covering large portions of scripture at one time.

  6. RC says:

    I am behind. I began last night. I will get it in gear now.

  7. as of today i am caught up and have already completed gen -numbers and am almost through mark.

    i admit.. i read a bit faster in sections of numbers and leviticus when phrases were repeated…
    ezra would never cut it as an editor these days… (j/k)
    stePHen lee caVNess

  8. RC says:

    I started in earnest yesterday. I calculated my daily reading based on a start date of 12-17. I need to read about 27 pages a day. I will be up to speed by the end of today. I appreciate the challenge. It has motivated me. What is the challenge for February? I am game.

  9. tnmartin says:

    I don’t know if you are aware of it, but if you go over to the web site maintained by the Gideons ( ) and look around, you will find links to a through the Bible in a year plan that they have. It is split into a morning and evening reading, with Old Testament in the morning and New Testament in the evening. I have used it for a number of years and it works well for me. It works even better if you allot adequate time to follow concordance references.

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    Any updates? My progress is a little shaky, but I think I can finish strong

  11. RC says:

    I will have to recaculate my daily readings due to the fact I fell off pace some, but I will begin again in earnest today. I appreciate the nudge, Mr. Kummer, I needed a little prodding.

  12. joe says:

    I’m 3.5 days off pace. That Christmas/New Years week was crazy. I’m still hoping to catch up and finish by the 31st.

  13. Doug Smith says:

    I pray you guys doing this will persevere and that it will greatly profit your souls. I’m not in this, but I am trying M’Cheyne’s calendar this year. I wonder if there’s enough other people going through this to have a separate forum where we might post comments about the Scripture readings?

  14. RC says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Doug. I need it. I think there is a lot of interest in the M’Cheyne one year plan. I would be interested in a forum discussion. I am taking the challenge, but I am also following the M’Cheyne calendar. I have a buddy that runs a forum. I will speak to him and see if he will host it.

  15. How is everyone doing on reading the whole Bible in January? I would love to hear what everyone has to say.

  16. Tony Kummer says:

    I am struggling, mostly with motivation. I am not too far behind to recovery, but it is getting hard to make up lost ground.

  17. joe says:

    I officially fell off the bandwagon about a week ago. I was already about 80 pages off, now I’m closer to 350. I’m not so sure I’ll make it by the 31st. But, I’m still reading (slower than my plan) and should finish up sometime in mid-February.

  18. For those who have taken this challenge (I did not), please let me encourage you to see it through to its completion. Joe, what a testimony to still be working towards finishing even by mid-February!

    I think it speaks very much to when Christ told His disciples that the spirit was willing but the flesh was weak! Persevere my brothers. I am praying that everyone finishes this even if they don’t finish on time.

    Personally, I have read the NT in two months and plan to read the whole Bible during the Spring semester.

    God bless!

  19. RC says:

    I am off pace, but look to finish in February or March. I had to accept that I probably would not finish by the deadline, but I want to finish even if a little short of the goal. It has been a blessing to me and I thank Mr. Kummer for the challenge. I am also going through the Bible on a one year pace following M’Cheyne’s plan. Combining the two and my Bible reading involved in personal study I will have spent more time reading the Bible this year than ever.

  20. I finished my reading on January 29. This has been a very rich experience for me and I wanted to thank you all for the challenge. Is there any place where follow-up discussion will occur?

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