Blog Madness Final Four!

We’ve gone to overtime baby!



It’s taken two long weeks to get here, but we’ve finally narrowed down the field of Southern Seminary related bloggers down to four. The comments, the hypehypehypehypehypehypehype, and voting have been intense. I want to thank all you guys that linked over and made this weird idea worth doing.

The first two rounds resulted in 2181 votes. Here is how this round will work:

  • There are four blogs left, you can vote for only one
  • I’ve re-ordered the field based on total votes
  • The voting will close on Saturday night (4/5/08)
  • The poll is set to limit votes from the same IP address. This will only affect you if you are sharing an internet connection.

Choose your vote wisely. Here are a few questions to help clarify which blog deserves your vote.

  • Which blog consistently glorifies Christ with its content? Does the blogger express a transparent love for God?
  • Which blog encourages other believers? Does the blogger express a transparent love for others?
  • If you could only read one of these blogs for the next year, which would it be?
  • Which blog is the most helpful for the average pastor or seminary student?

Make your case. The comments are open for you to play the pundit. Enthusiastic support (and self-promotion) are welcome. Just be sure to make your case from the criteria above. You are also welcome to endorse one of the remaining blogs.

Prize for the winner. I will give the winning blogger a $50 gift certificate to Westminster Book Store. At least one of the finalists already has his books picked out.

The statistics below are gathered from Google Reader. They don’t reflect feedburner’s feed count, but they do give a ballpark of one’s readership. I’ve tried to note who has feeburner stats that aren’t counted with a ** symbol. Don’t let these stats overwhelm you. Everyone likes to pull for an underdog!

Blog Madness Final Four

  1. Reformissionary (Steve McCoy – A)
    New Team Motto: “I’m giving Tim Keller books to skeptics
    Team Motto: “The free books take this to another level.

    Round One Votes: 76
    Round Two Votes: 272
    Subscriber Count: 482
    Posts Per Week: 4.9
    Current blog birthday: 1/31/2005
  2. Provocations & Pantings (Timmy Brister – S)
    Team Motto: “Yes We Can! – provoke the vote.”
    Round One Votes: 80
    Round Two Votes: 191
    Subscriber Count: 214
    Posts Per Week: 9.1
    Current blog birthday: 12/31/2006 and here
  3. Power of Change (Reid S. Monaghan – S)
    Team Motto: “Every vote for the POCBlog saves a kitten…and that kitten will get to go to heaven. ”
    Round One Votes: 49
    Round Two Votes: 143
    Subscriber Count: 40
    Posts Per Week: 5.2
    Current blog birthday: 1/14/2004
  4. Kingdom People (Trevin Wax – S)
    Team Motto: “No comment.”
    Round One Votes: 72
    Round Two Votes: 108
    Subscriber Count: 129 + 71 via Feedburner
    Posts Per Week: 11.4
    Current blog birthday: 10/22/2006


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75 Responses to Blog Madness Final Four!

  1. Tony Kummer says:

    I had to stir up controversy somehow. 🙂

    Actually, here is how it worked out. I’ve closed all the other polls around 11 PM so I could post the results before I went to bed.

    I didn’t know there was a surge until I saw Gabe’s comment. Great finish guys and now there’s plenty for the sports pundits to talk about.

  2. Gabe says:

    Tony – perhaps (for those who haven’t voted here before) you might want to make it obviously clear when April 5th ends on your calendar? When you post a voting contest, you’re going to get new visitors to the site. The rules they see for THE contest they are voting for are the rules they understand.

    I’ve never been on this site until Reid blogged about the contest. How are we to think this wasn’t a scam after rallying from so far behind and it stopping just before taking the lead? Honestly?

    Especially being a blog that is connected with a seminary. I’d be even more careful.

  3. But Tony, you cannot make up the rules as you go along. Five vote margin in 45 minutes is clearly possible, and for all the effort that went in to bridge the gap, it just seems unfair to pick a time that best suits your bedtime when in all actuality the voting was not over until midnight.

    Steve is going to feel real guilty now. Just wait.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Who Is Jeremiah Burroughs?

  4. Tony Kummer says:

    Gabe & Timmy – Let me consult my lawyers. I definitely see your point and would have never closed it had I known it was closing so fast.

    Stay tuned …

  5. Gabe says:

    Five vote margin in 45 minutes? I was on here rallying between 9:30 and 11:15 pm EST, and Reid gained 50 votes in an hour. Five votes were coming in within 3-4 minutes for Reid. And like I said…..20 were ready to come in before 11:30.

  6. Tony,

    To verify this, all you have to do is check the SiteMeter at 11:15 (which I was checking at this time). There were over 50 people on SAS when you closed it down, and at least 45 of them were actually on this very post (assuming they were looking to vote). I realize that now you cannot go back and verify that, but simply the spike in hourly traffic from 11-12 is enough to show that many were hoping to vote but never got the chance.

    Timmy Brister’s last blog post..Who Is Jeremiah Burroughs?

  7. Gabe says:

    At least this will give us something to chat about on our weekly podcast over at You didn’t happen to vote for Reformissionary did you Tony?

  8. Tony Kummer says:

    OK – I’m convinced.

    So, I’m going to give away another $50 gift card in an overtime play off to end exactly – April 8, 2008 @ 12:01 am EST

  9. Gabe says:

    This just ain’t right, lol. The point is that the first gift card was Reid’s. I don’t think you’re hearing me clearly? Obviously your lawyers you took this to didn’t go to school. You can’t lose a court case and get a re-do, lol.

  10. Tony Kummer says:

    Gabe – In this round I stayed neutral until Timmy dropped out, then I voted for Trevin.

    By lawyer I really meant “go put the dog in his crate for the night”

    Right or not – There’s new money on the line. 🙂

    BTW: I’m enjoying your podcast and Reid’s campaign was something special.

  11. Gabe says:

    Maybe we can make a deal???

    If Reid wins by more than 50 votes the first contest is scratched, lol.


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  13. Gabe says:

    Just to keep people aware of how this overtime has went, it’s 49-4 on Sunday morning @ 7:38 am EST. If I were Reformissionary, losing this badly – not truthfully being able to even deserve to be in overtime – and losing in his other blog contest at the moment…….I’d throw the white flag and surrender. Spare yourself the humility!?!?!

  14. Tony,

    So now that Steve has his $50 gift card, do you actually think that he will care to go another round? I mean, you eliminate Reid’s competition when you award the winner presumptuously, and instead of voting to win another round, Steve’s cruisin’ on his victory lap.

    To make this fair, I think Trevin and myself should get a $50 gift card just for making it in the final four. 😉

  15. Gabe says:

    That is a good point, Timmy. I guess Steve could be greedy and want another $50 gift card, but I would probably settle for the first one.

    OR……if I had a backbone, I would surrender the first $50 since I really lost and not force the blog to spend an extra $50 just to save their reputation.

  16. selahV says:

    you guys are soooo funny. I’ve been getting the feed for this comment stream and I have laughed till I’m silly. But then, I’ve always been a bit silly anyway. Truly, the best thing that came out of the Blog Madness for me was discovering Said At Southern and your zany banter. At first I thought you guys were serious, then I realized you’re just greedy, driven, over-zealous little boys. 🙂
    And for the record…I’m kidding. selahV

    selahV’s last blog post..GIVING UP, GROWING UP

  17. selahV says:

    Oh, and I voted for Reid and don’t even know him. Just because ya’ll told me to. ha.

    selahV’s last blog post..GIVING UP, GROWING UP

  18. Steve McCoy says:

    I should offer up a $50 gift certificiate to Babies-R-Us for the best whiny comment. This is supposed to be fun, guys. The money has made you stupid. I don’t need the money, it just made it fun. At least for me it did. I haven’t even tried to get a vote for this round in a few days and have focused on the SBC Voices one. I was just trying to hold out with what I already had here. Do you really think I can’t find a bunch more votes at the last minute just like you all have if I wanted to?

    Tony has closed the previous rounds at the same time. This one ran a few minutes longer, I think. To act like he was unfair because you all are shooting 3-pointers AFTER the buzzer and asking them to be counted is unfair to Tony. Give the man a break. Tony, feel free to give my gift certificates to Reid, close the overtime, and let’s all man-up a bit. I’ll buy some Tim Keller books with my own money and give them away under the name of your blog, Tony. You have run a fun contest, though these guys have pretty much ensured that you won’t want to ever do another.

    I’m not working for votes for “overtime.” I don’t want your vote. I don’t care. It’s a freaking game, guys.

  19. selahV says:

    Oh my goodness, Steve! You mean they WERE serious? selahV

    selahV’s last blog post..GIVING UP, GROWING UP

  20. Gabe says:

    Steve – It takes a bit of time to post and request votes. I’m sure you can appreciate the effort. Stop and listen to yourself. You expect people who are visiting this site for the first time to understand unwritten and hidden rules (stopping voting short of the end of the closing day) from the past? This isn’t a life or death contest, but it was run VERY poorly and unfairly. To me, overtime would have been April 6th if the contest stated it was running through April 5th.

    If it were only a game, why would you bother posting a request to your blog a few times throughout the week? I’m sure you could have written on something else? I’d surrender as well. Thanks for being an example and being willing to man up a bit too.

  21. Reid says:

    No, Selahv, nobody is serious…you are reading some banter, sarcasm and irony at work. This has been all a big bit of fun in my book – though I was trying to win…as was Steve as indicated by his multiple blog posts.

    Now, to protect my good name, I had already (in private communication) told both Tony and Steve I did not care about the gift card. I am fully on record to be mainly in support of capuchin monkeys and kittens running with all of us in the Kingdom.

    I need to go read some church history and finish a blog about strong AI and the vision of Ray Kurzweil. He cares about the monkeys – he would upload them into his man made virtual heaven…where we all live forever in a virtual machine running on hardware deep within bedrock in a far off world – protected from Said at Southern blog madness.

  22. kschaub says:

    Please tell me the last 25-ish comments are not what they sound like. If they are, I’m glad we lost last round and didn’t have the privilege to stick around for the mess at the end. Is this actually serious? I was thought this was only for fun . . .

    kschaub’s last blog post..Sufjan and the Old Covenant

  23. kschaub says:

    **I was thought this was only for fun . . . oops. Should be, “I thought this was only for fun.”

    kschaub’s last blog post..Sufjan and the Old Covenant

  24. kschaub says:

    Reid, thanks for clarifying. The joking can look quite a bit different from joking when it is posted on a public comment thread.

    kschaub’s last blog post..Sufjan and the Old Covenant

  25. Tony Kummer says:

    The Last Word: This whole conversation should carry the banner “tongue-in-cheek”

    Consider the absurdity of the entire competition. I just wish I would have ended it on April 1st.

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