Blog Madness: Prize From Eisenbrauns

We’ve been offered a $75 gift card for Eisenbrauns for the winner of blog madness! They sell books online –specializing in the ancient Near East and biblical studies.

The voting will close on Saturday night (4/5/08)

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One Response to Blog Madness: Prize From Eisenbrauns

  1. selahV says:

    Tony, It’s becoming clearer and clearer to me why God’s hand was not upon me to win this competition. I wouldn’t know what to do with the prizes. 🙂 duh. This is so exciting for those left in the game. This may turn out to be a yearly event. And that might spark new interest into the quality of we bloggers’ posts, don’t you think? selahV

    selahV’s last blog post..Cockcadoodle Doo!! Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Crow!

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