Blog Roundup for 9/28/2007

So, you may ask, if last week’s roundup was published this week, then “then” had to be deferred until “now.” But if “then” is the new “now,” when will “now” be “now?” I say Right Now!!

To open our roundup, these bloggers have good thoughts about Christian and secular culture. There doesn’t seem to be much of a theme to these posts other than the “cultural connection.”

  • Reid Monaghan is not the first Christian blogger out there to ponder the politicization of the Gospel and the party affiliation of evangelicalism.
  • Doug over at Life Together reflects on how society’s response to the OJ Simpson arrest as “karma” and not “justice” shows a significant shift from earlier times.
  • Das Ganze‘s blog is too cool to not be emergent, but he reflects insightfully on how our church culture clashes are often generational.
  • Glory Gazer tells us the sad, tragic, and sobering Tale of Two Churches. It seems as though it is not enough to merely not preach heresy. There can be nothing sadder in my mind than for a church to vote itself out of existence.
  • Brent is thinking over many of his (and our) assumptions about the clash between Islam and Western Culture.

Other Entries of Interest:

  • Devin Hudson swims in dangerous waters as he defends the practice of being a church planter in Las Vegas.
  • Amateur counterplagiarism expert and firebrand G. F. McDowell shares his thoughts on sin, sanctification, and loving the brethren.

Let’s hear from some rookie seminarians:

Good Ol’ Boys:

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  1. careful about labeling Mark from “emergent” … emerging? probably … emergent? I don’t think so (I know him).

    but then again i even had to explain it to him what the difference was.

    ; )

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