Blog Roundup for August 25th, 2007

I’ve been asked to be a blog cowboy and do a roundup of recent SBTS, SBC, and other blogging of interest. If this works out, Tony and Company might allow me to do this on a weekly basis, but for now I am on trial. Oh, and one more thing, blogs are meant to be about dialog. Wouldn’t you be kind and consider leaving thoughtful comments on some of these posts? I’m sure their authors would be thrilled.

A very encouraging post about a missions agency that is not just narrowly focused on “unreached people groups” but is vitally interested in building up “reached” peoples so they may grow in discernment and REMAIN in the faith. I know that in Cameroon I saw the church stuck in syncretism, filled with professing believers still enslaved to ancestor worship and vulnerable to every form of false teaching, particularly about health and wealth.
Reformed Baptist Thinker

Timmay addresses church splits as “church planting”
Provocations & Pantings

Props to Our Very Own Trevin Wax on Mohler on “Asking Jesus into your heart”
Shameless Self-Promotion

What Dave Learned in his Fist Year of Seminary
Dave Black

I’m not planning to ever attend a High School reunion. But Timmay is a braver man than I.
Provocations & Pantings

The “Most Genuine Blogger of the Week” award:
Grace is the Point
Thank you for showing us your gospel struggle against sin.

In Defense of the Homemaking Degree, from a bona fide SBTS Bride (TM)
Whose am I?

Adventures in Redemptive History:
Road to Emmaus

Owen shows us a good research method from which to build. This is the place where I admit that as an undergrad, I’d find a secondary source on the topic I liked, would present a variation on its argument in my paper, and use primary sources just for quotation. That doesn’t hack it at the Master’s level.
The Prequel
Part I
Part Deux

Adam Winters took a break from photoshopping pictures of his roommate as a zombie to say some good words about speaking flippantly of the dead.
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants [or should it be giant zombies??]

Important blogs from outside the cloisters and within the faith.

These look like exciting new SBC-wide blogs that are worthy of our attention. They have sprung up because of the tenor of a certain SBC blog has really gone south, if you’ll pardon the expression. We’ll see if these can do a better job.
SBC Today
sbc IMPACT! (HT: Geoff Baggett)

In stark contrast to those who would sell their sermons online, Sovereign Grace has joined the growing body of quality ministries making them available for free.
Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor delivers a stunning condemnation of how I often find myself approaching the Gospel.
Justin Taylor

I promise I haven’t linked everything Justin Taylor has written this week, but this was an excellent roundup of the recent “blog skirmish” on the Ordinances. Food for thought for Baptists, indeed.
Justin Taylor Again!!
{EDIT: an SBTS Blogger has sounded off substantively on this topic here. }

And, because we need to be in while yet not of the world, I have the following two political pieces of note:

Medved on Huckabee

Baptists running a “Catholics Against Giuliani” site? If true, that is very naughty of them. Read for yourself

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    Great job. Sorry about the technical problems.

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