Bloggers To Joel Osteen: “STOP IT” Roundup for 10-19-07

The Official Ten-Code List for Police communications lists 10-19 as meaning “return to…”. We pray that after yesterday’s extreme weather in and around the Ville, anybody affected will be able to return to normal. In this week’s roundup, many folks have stressed, in one way or another, the desperate need of the Church to return to the Gospel. Now for our headline item:

Joel Osteen’s new book has been weighed and found wanting. Southern Seminary bloggers, with one voice, declare the truth about his teachings.

You may wonder why the Roundup Redactor pays so much attention to chapelblogging. Folks who do not attend chapel are denying themselves a significant source of encouragement and blessing. True, not all chapel sermons are “home runs“, but the Holy Spirit still works through the preached word, and the quality of the preaching in chapel is generally high. Many cannot attend due to employment or other responsibilities, but there are also many who can, and choose not to. Others manage to make it only for the big names, and disappear for the rest of the semester. Perhaps, if this roundup can highlight how others have been blessed, more might be encouraged to come and worship and receive God’s grace. Enough from me, here are the chapelbloggers:

Newsflash! According to one of the Christianity AstrayToday blogs, Willow Creek Pastor Bill Hybels has repented of his minstry paradigm. Southern Seminary bloggers are very quick to respond to the news:

For whatever reason, there has been a steady stream of good blogging related to the ordinances this semester. Here is this week’s installment:

An accusation that has been leveled against bloggers and the reformed alike is that they do not evangelize. Your friendly neighborhood redactor likes to share the blog postings on the topic as a reminder that we do. And blogs have helped us in that endeavor.

These bloggers engaged the culture:

Good Ol’ Boys

  • Owen Strachan, in addition to his blogging linked earlier in this roundup, had good thoughts on seeking the conversion of countries and also on our education establishment hurling headlong toward free contraception for middle schoolers.
  • Timmy Brister attended a party for his wife, wrote about a member of SBC brass who managed not to go off on Mark Driscoll, endorsed his friend’s gospel-driven church, and appealed to us to vote for his question.
  • Tony got promoted at his church and played too much soccer this week to blog.
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  1. Mr. Redactor,

    I am writing to thank you for all your hard work of redacting. I must admit that I fail to be as studious of blogs of late, perhaps because I am woefully ill-equipped for the higher criticism of blog redacting. Nevertheless, my confidence in the medium of blogging is affirmed through your indefatigable efforts to point consistently good blogging from the seminary community and beyond. Were there any other roundup redactors around, I would say you’re the best, but alas, you stand in a class of your own.

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