Book Alert: Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig 3rd Edition

Craig, William Lane. Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics. Wheaton: Crossway Books, 2008. 407pp. $26.00 Buy From

Reasonable Faith Book

Many have come to know of William Lane Craig when trying to find an apologetic against the accusations of a false Christianity.  Reasonable Faith has become Dr. Craig’s signature book and has just been re-released in a third edition.  The book was released at about the same time as the launching of a website ( which is their web-based ministry where much supplementary material may be found for your benefit.

Fortunately, there were no retractions from the previous two editions.  What you will find is that the chapter on the existence of God has been split into two chapters and the chapter on the historicity of the New Testament has been removed.

The book is separated into five parts:  De Fide, De Homine (life), De Deo, De Creatione, and De Christo. This book is not for the faint of heart as it is over 400 pages of “thick” philosophical talk.  However, it would be a great addition to any thinker’s library since it discusses in detail both the arguments for and against God as well as the author offering his own argument.

You can download a study guide from the website above along with a “practical application” for each chapter from the same page.  While this may be a thick book, I would highly recommend it for those wanting to have a philosophic answer for the questions you get while in college or the work place.

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  1. Just so y’all know, that is not the new cover of the 3rd edition. It is a white cover with six small pictures across the top.

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