Camp Meeting Hosted by Rockport Baptist Church (St. Louis Area)

Rockport Baptist Church, the church I attended before leaving for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is hosting a Camp Meeting from Thursday, 10 April 2008, at 7 pm through Sunday morning service, 13 April 2008. Pastor Scott Lee is the Preaching Elder at Rockport Baptist Church in Arnold, Missouri. The theme of the Camp Meeting is Seeking God with the central passage of Scripture being “You will seek me and find me. when you seek me with all your heart,” from Jeremiah 29:13


According to Elder Bob Schembre:

A camp meeting is designed to allow one to focus on God. Originally, they were held out of necessity due to many factors including, but not limited too, distance, lack of churches, and travel conditions. Camp meetings are still held today even if they are not like the “camp outs” from years gone by. However, they are held more because of the ability to bring in wonderful speakers from all across the nation to one location to give others the opportunity to hear God’s Word preached by gifted men.

Some of the benefits of the modern camp meeting is that the church gets the opportunity to minister and exercise their gifts on a protracted basis. Hosting a Camp Meeting allows the host church to serve through preparing meals, fellowshipping, worshipping, listening to good preaching, getting to talk with the preachers, asking questions and praying together.


There will be four preachers coming to preach. They are Paul Washer, Charles Leiter, Mike Morrow and Mike Williams.

Paul Washer has had an impact on countless young ministers and even moreso on Christians in general. He is the director of the HeartCry Missionary Society which is a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Muscle Shoals in Alabama. Paul has numerous sermons on the Internet that can be downloaded and listened to for free here.

Charles Leiter serves as the co-pastor of Lake Road Chapel in Kirksville, Missouri. He has written a book entitled Justification and Redemption. According to the publisher on 6 February 2008, the book is currently unavailable because it is in the process of being updated and reprinted. You can listen to some of his sermons here.

Mike Morrow is pastor of Union Baptist Church in Marion, Kentucky. Paul Washer has described Mike as “a cross between Jonathan Edwards and Jerry Clower.” His ultimate desire is to live out the rest of his life serving Christ in every way possible.

Mike Williams is the founding pastor of Pioneer Baptist Church in Santa Fe, Texas.


If you are interested in attending this please register here.
For directions to Rockport Baptist Church click here.
Lunch and Dinner Provided for Registrants Friday and Saturday.

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