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Top Ten Tithe Check Memo Lines

Read this satire (I think) piece from Monday Morning Insight. Todd lists some funny memo lines that people have written on their giving checks at church. #4 Don’t cash before Wednesday

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Speck In Willow Creek’s Eye = Log In Ours

With all the hype around Bill Hybel’s so-called repentance, we’ve missed something. Read Rick Mansfield’s timely caution: Lot’s of folks are having some kind of “Aha!” moment with Hybels’ confession. But I would still venture to say that discipleship is … Continue reading

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Come Hear Dr. Sam Stroms

Signs of the Spirit The Substance of True Spirituality Lots of people claim to be Christians, but how can we tell? What does a real Christian look like? These questions and a thousand just like them can be heard in … Continue reading

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How To Dump Your Church – With Grace!

Todd Rhoades offers some thoughts on leaving your church.

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Every Member a Committee Member

Read about a new trend for maximum assimilation via TomintheBox: Pastor Deason summed up the situation for TBNN, “Some churches believe that every member should be a minister, and that’s fine for them. We caught a different vision. We wanted … Continue reading

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Andreas Köstenberger on Kingdom Families

Andreas Köstenberger has posted a new article on Kingdom Families. He says: Every church, when asked, will of course say that they are supporting families. But is this necessarily the case? In many (if not most) churches what we actually … Continue reading

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