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Buring Bridges & Political As Usual 12/4 Roundup

Building Bridges Timmy Brister Has a problem with Dr. Yarnell’s uncritically critical remarks at the conference. Links to Stetzer, Dockery, and Nettles’ messages. Links to all the conference audio. Analyzes Stetzer’s statistical presentation. is disappointed in Norman Jameson’s crass and … Continue reading

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Video: Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee on the Bible

Watch three leading Republican candidates for President answer the question, “Do you believe everything in the Bible?” HT: Kevin Hash You can also read my attempt at punditry at The Kummeropolis.

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Mohler: More Bloggers, Please -Roundup for 11-16

Speaking at GodBlogCon a week ago yesterday, Dr. Mohler issued a call for more Christian bloggers to be out there engaging culture through the medium of blogging.

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Let’s Get Political: 11/9 Roundup

Pat Robertson has certainly stolen any headlines Richard Land might have made when he endorsed Rudy Giuliani, the man Land said “no way” about, for President. In one fell swoop, values voters now have no clear direction to turn. This … Continue reading

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Richard Land on GOP ’08: No Rudy, No Way, No How!! Roundup for 10-26

The Police “ten-code” for a 10-26 is “Detaining subject, expedite.” Ironically, last week’s roundup was so full of Osteen and Hybels that other important subjects did have to be cut and deferred to this week. Up first: Politics. Richard Land … Continue reading

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