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Is This What They Call Southern Hospitality?

as i sat down to read  in the small commons area on campus last winter, i struggled to find a place to sit my coffee and newspaper on the table in front of me. why? because the person across from … Continue reading

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Book Review: John A. Broadus – A Living Legacy by David Dockery and Roger Duke

Dockery, David S. and Roger D. Duke. John A. Broadus: A Living Legacy Studies in Baptist Life and Thought, ed. Michael A.G. Haykin.  Nashville:  Broadman and Holman Academic, 2008.  260 pp.  $19.99. Introduction to John A. Broadus – A Living … Continue reading

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Share Your Best Study Tips

With everyone getting back into the pace of Seminary life, I thought it would be a good time to talk about study skills. So, use the comments below to share your best advice for academic success in Seminary.

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While At Seminary: Train for Godliness

Why are you at seminary? If you are like most, you will say that you are at seminary in order to receive training for ministry. You are learning. You are working. You are thinking hard. You are doing what is … Continue reading

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Q: How does paying $860 for one online theology class make you feel? A: Only a little less cheated than dropping the class and failing to graduate.

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What Does Your Professor Mean By Read?

It’s always puzzled me that so few Seminary professors qualify what they are asking you to do with your assigned books. I know Mortimer Adler describes several types of reading. A few well placed block quotes from How To Read … Continue reading

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Moving in at Southern Seminary

This is a post by Chuck Anderson, an incoming SBTS student from Florida. I’ve asked him to write for Said at Southern. Among other topics, he’ll be giving a first year student perspective to the blog. ~Tony K. On August … Continue reading

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