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Lawyer to Preacher? Why not Used Car Salesman?

I saw a survey once of the least respected professions. Among the “winners” were lawyers, pastors and used car salesmen. Is there a joke for this? “A lawyer, a pastor, and a used car salesman walk into a bar…” When … Continue reading


How To Pay For Seminary

Terry Delaney posted a great article at Going To Seminary titled The Ultimate Scholarship: Jehovah-Jireh

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What’s So Great About Seminary?

Today is the final day of my final on-campus class for my current (and possibly final) degree. After today, I will only have one online class in order to graduate in December. My wife is already celebrating. It’s been a … Continue reading


My Cynical (self critical) Thought For The Morning

I’m sure this only applies to the careerists among us, but I see too much of it in my own heart. @ Seminary Time + $$$ + Hard Work = Status (degree) @ Churches Status + Hard Work + Time … Continue reading


New Curriculum For All SBC Seminaries?

Les Puryear said… I am issuing a call to all SBC seminaries to add new curriculum for the training of the future pastors of the majority of our churches: small churches. The following are just a few of the principles … Continue reading


45 Ways To Waste Your Seminary Education

Read this post by Derek Brown (SBTS student) before it’s too late: How to Waste Your Theological Education

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Forum: School Is Out, What Will You Do Now?

It didn’t take long for my wife to ask, “Now that your classes are over, what will you do with all your extra time?” If I was a handy kind of guy, then I would suspect some kind of honey-do-list … Continue reading