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Emerging Church Posters

Phil Johnson and company at Team Pyro have launched a series of motivational posters about the Emerging Church Chaos. You can see theme at Phil’s website or in their original context at Team Pyro. Update: It seems that the Relevant … Continue reading

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Rethinking our Vocabulary: “Personal Relationship with Jesus”

Asking hard questions about our Christian vocabulary may make us squirm a little. But it’s healthy to ask questions if our goal is to adopt better, more-biblical terminology. Let’s consider the phrase “personal relationship with Jesus.” In the last century, evangelical churches grew … Continue reading

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Said at Southern Facebook Group

Earlier this week we decided to create a Facebook group for the Said at Southern community. One of the things we are hoping to do is nurture community among those currently at SBTS (more on that later) and build a … Continue reading

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Church Planting, Expository Preaching, and The Sermon Shop

There has been some excellent conversations about church planting and church reforming lately which is really exciting. I thought I’d bring up something I have currently looking into in recent days, namely that of expository preaching and church planting. Unlike … Continue reading

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6 Posts and A Video For The Weekend

Said At Southern Seminary dedicates Friday’s post to showcase some of the excellent articles written by SBTS student, faculty, staff and alumni bloggers. You can view all our 100+ feeds by selecting the pages to the left. If I missed … Continue reading

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Top 5 Free Mp3 Libraries To Encourage Pastors

I bought my first Mp3 player in 2004. This makes me a late adapter, but I have been listening to audio books, sermons and the Bible on cassette tapes since my teenage years. Then in the late 1990’s, I began … Continue reading

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Independence Day Question

God has blessed America. In every way our country enjoys peace on a scale unknown in human history. Even with all our failures as a people, God is showing great mercy to the United States. If you have a moment … Continue reading

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