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Poverty & The Girl Effect

Today is blog action day, an informal push to get social media buzzing and raise awareness of global social issues. This year is about poverty. As Christians, we should be very concerned with all forms of suffering. At the same … Continue reading

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Effectual Calling + Embarrassing 70’s Christian Pop

Twenty-five years ago, Christian pop culture was in a much happier place. Pay close attention to the effectual calling lyrics around 1:40 –

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Does Titus 2:5 Forbid Women From Working Outside The Home?

I just caught the Voddie Baucham segment on CNN where he talks about Sarah Palin. What surprised me was his use of Titus 2:5 to prove that women should not have employment beyond homemaking. Complementarian Discord? Dr. Mohler and CBMW have … Continue reading

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Video: Russell Moore Talks About Adoption

Together For Adoption has posted two videos featuring Dr. Russell Moore discussing his adoption story. (The previews look the same, but the second video is different.) When did you first begin thinking theologically about adoption? HT: Rapid Fire

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Video: Church Gets 3 Million Dollar Anonymous Gift From Lottery Winnings

One member says, “It’s so cool.” The pastor thinks it was an answered prayer. The associate pastors says, “I love when God does things only He can take credit for.”

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Video: Woman Sells House To Clone Her Dog

True Story and it gets worse. She attributes the whole thing to God. (>?) This seems like an example of technology running way ahead of common sense, or sanity if you believe in it. I just hope no one thinks … Continue reading

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Video – Interview With “Lost” People About Not Feeling Lost

Here is an interesting video that features a panel discussion with three unbelievers. The focus of their conversation is on the phrase “lost” and what that means. HT: Wade David Phillips apologies to Wade too.

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