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Video: Awareness Test

Sorry to be posting so many videos, but this one was really great. Enjoy.

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8 Video Clips From 2006 Together For The Gospel (T4G)

You can watch 8 video clips from the 2006 Together For The Gospel (T4G) conference on their website. There is one for each of the speakers and one from the panel.

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Video: Francis Schaeffer “Idol of Personal Peace and Affluence”

Here are some clips from YouTube from the How Should We Then Live? video series by Francis Schaeffer. These three clips (about 9 minutes each) show the full episode titled The Age of Personal Peace & Affluence. Francis Schaeffer “Idol … Continue reading

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Video: Tim Keller at The UC Berkeley

I think this one has been linked around some, but I just got around to watching it at lunch today. Again, I am amazed at God’s gifting on Keller as a teacher and apologist. Make time to watch this one. … Continue reading

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Video: Mike Huckabee Promotes Ben Stein’s “Expelled”

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Video: Sproul and Mohler Discuss The Seeker Sensitive Movement

I’m not sure which conference, but here is a 7 minute clip of R.C. Sproul and Al Mohler sharing their thoughts on the “Seeker Sensitive” approach to church. There is also another clip where they discuss postmodernism and the … Continue reading

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Video: NT Wright On Piper’s Book

Trevin told me about this video yesterday. It is from Asbury, in the same studio we recorded our podcast. NT Wright and Ben Witherington in panel discussion. They talk several minutes about current issues and John Piper’s book on justification.

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