Chapel Blogging Question

Hey everyone, I need to know what you, the readers of Said, are wanting.  This chapel blogging stuff has pretty much evolved beyond anything I ever imagined.  It began with my just writing down my impressions of the message to giving a brief outline in my own diary to a full-blown chapel blog.

Last semester, I wrote the actual chapel blog on my diary with a brief 3 paragraph description here at Said.  This year, I am moving the actual chapel blog to Said.  I have received permission to “live blog” the chapel services so that does mean I will be able to get them posted much sooner than I did last year.  However, my question for y’all is do you want me to leave it at just the chapel blog or would you like for me to write the three paragraph description as well?  My problem is I would have the actual blog post ready before the short summary.

I want to know what would better serve our readers.  List the pros and cons if you could.  I discovered last semester that this was a nice way to enable those not on campus to know what was preached in chapel.  I am merely wanting to fine-tune our services here at Said.

God bless and have a wonderful semester.

Yours in Christ,

Terry Delaney

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  1. Terry Lange says:

    After watching what you do for the “normal” chapel blog. Live blogging could be much more difficult… You already do a good job, don’t put too much on yourself!

    Terry Langes last blog post..Salad Creations – Revisited

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