Chapel: Dr. O.S. Hawkins + Announcements


Dr. Hawkins preached from Nehemiah 5:6-13 today in Alumni Chapel.  His message was on conflict resolution.  He presented four points that are necessary at various times if we are to biblically resolve conflicts. 

  1. There is a time to back off.
  2. There is a time to stand up.
  3. There is a time to give in.
  4. There is a time to reach out.

Dr. Hawkins showed how Christ did all four of these in resolving the ultimate conflict:  the separation of God and man.  You can read the chapel blog or download and listen to Dr. O.S. Hawkin’s message.


  • There is a special provision for seminary students available from Guidestone.  There is a $10,000 life insurance policy free for full-time students.  You need to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • We will be making some announcements in the near future regarding the offering of some of our core curriculum classes being offered internationally.  Dr. Mohler will be teaching the first class in preaching in Yugoslavia.  We will be making it possible for students here to go there and for pastors there to learn here.  We will be making future announcements regarding more classes offered.  Stay tuned.
  • Dr. Tom Schreiner was surprised as he was asked to come forward.  He worked on his NT theology book for seven years.  Dr. Mohler congratulated him on the publication of his NT Theology book.
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  1. Adam Winters says:

    Hmm, link doesn’t work to the $10,000 policy.

    Adam Winterss last blog post..The Un-Natural

  2. Thanks, Adam. It is fixed now.

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