Christianity in music that is not “Christian” music

Southern Seminary alumni Brent Thomas has launched a podcast exploring Christianity in music that is not “Christian” music.

It won’t change the world, but it might change the way you think about “Christian” music. The Habañero Hour is a periodic music and interview podcast dedicated to exploring and challenging the idea of “Christian” music. All selections are played with explicit permission from the artists.

He’s posted two shows to date and they are very promising:

  • Episode One: Featuring interviews with Steven Delopoulos and music from Doug Burr, Jeremy Casella, the Trees Community and others.
  • Episode Two: Featuring an exclusive interview with Glen Phillips, music from Seabird, Five O’Clock People and more.
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2 Responses to Christianity in music that is not “Christian” music

  1. Rich Clark says:

    Awesome. This is long overdue.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..No more Mr. Nice Guy

  2. Fusion! says:

    Wow, I look forward to hearing it.

    Fusion!’s last blog post..Scientology does it again…….and Anonymous responds

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