Cleanup Anyone?

I realize that those without power will not be able to check this today, but we can use Said as a command center to get the word out on who needs help and what it is they need. So, if you need a hand cleaning up, post it here and hopefully there will be some readers who can offer a hand. With there being no power we will be giving out candles, water, and a home odor eliminator provided by

We have power at my apartment.  My wife and I have talked and if there is any from the seminary community who needs a hot shower or something, you can swing by.  Just give me a call 365-5182. I should be out most of the day helping clean up but give me a call anyway and we can see what we can do.

Finally, for what it is worth, Drs. Mohler and Moore were up at the cafeteria last night on campus serving hot dogs and ice cream to those living on campus.  Talk about a servant’s heart!

Update (10:30 am)

LG&E is reporting that people may be without power for 10-14 days.  This is due to 1) a denial of help coming in because the damage is so widespread in the midwest and 2) everyone who does not have local damage has people helping down in the gulf with all of the hurricanes.

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5 Responses to Cleanup Anyone?

  1. Paul Fuller says:

    If Terry’s place gets overwhelmed, we have power again this morning and our place is open as well… 618-3433.

    Paul Fullers last blog post..Impressive Palin Interview

  2. julieH says:

    Likewise. My husband and I have two full baths in our condo. I live on Lexington Rd almost to Baxter/Bardstown. 718-5089.

    julieHs last blog post..Just Because: Why I love my husband

  3. Matt Privett says:

    I live in J-town and the power came back on an hour or two ago. If anyone needs anything let me know.

    Matt Privetts last blog post..Responses to first impressions

  4. i live out by the summit (up I-71, exit, 9A). if anyone is out this way, we have power/hot water as well. send me a message on my blog w/ your phone number ( i will not post it) and you are more than welcome to a hot shower w/in the hours i will be home.

    -stephen cavness

    Stephan Lee Cavnesss last blog post..the scandel of the gospel and hell…

  5. Matt Pierce says:

    Does anyone have room in their freezer? I have alot of food I don’t want to throw away. If you do, give me a call at 270-227-8461.

    Matt Pierces last blog post..Pray for Peace in Thailand

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