Comment Luv

I’m testing two new features today designed to encourage and reward comments.

  • The “Comment Luv” plugin will display a link to your latest blog post when you comment, it slows down the comment posting a few seconds but gives readers more incentive to click back through to your blog. Leave a comment on this post to give it a try.
  • Top Commentators for the current month are now displayed in the sidebar. It won’t bring a rush of traffic, but it lets people know who is active in the Said at Southern community.
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17 Responses to Comment Luv

  1. Tony says:

    Testing the comment luv feature

    Tony’s last blog post..Albert Mohler – Out Of SBC Presidential Consideration

  2. Scott says:

    Sounds intriguing, Tony.

    Scott’s last blog post..Comfort Ye

  3. This is just a test… 😉

    Julie Halitzka’s last blog post..Free Tax Filing

  4. Rich Clark says:

    I’ve always loved these plug-ins. They go a long way towards encouraging discussion.

    Rich Clark’s last blog post..Dark Star

  5. Trevin Wax says:


    You just keep making this site better and better. Keep up the good work.

    Trevin Wax’s last blog post..Luther vs. Zwingli 7: Marburg’s Conclusion

  6. Just a Guy says:

    Interesting plugin… I might need to add the luv over at Going to Seminary

    Just a Guy’s last blog post..Bible Meme

  7. Brother Hank says:

    I’m just posting this to increase my stats…lol…

    but seriously… 😉

    Brother Hank’s last blog post..I Interrupt This Break To Issue A Challenge To Seminarians: Are You Your Brother’s Keeper

  8. Kevin Rhyne says:

    What a cool plug-in…

    Kevin Rhyne’s last blog post..Sola Ecclesia v. Sola Scriptura

  9. Cool idea Tony — I like it!

    Nick Kennicott’s last blog post..reThink :: Purpose

  10. I just found you in Google…was interested to see how all this works…I am new to comment luv and starting to learn.

  11. Pete White says:

    Interesting, I will have to give it a try – is it wordpress only?

    Pete White’s last blog post..LEGO Arms Dealer Sells Everything from AK47 to Uzi (PICS)

  12. Tony Kummer says:

    There may be an equivalent for blogger in about 10 years. I’m not sure about typepad or droopal.

  13. Shouldn’t you test them one at a time to see which is more effective? Then you could even do a comparison.

    Elliott Russell’s last blog post..Challenge: Drink Only What is Free

  14. Tony Kummer says:

    yes and no.

    I was sure I’d like the most comments feature, and was just testing comment luv to see if it was annoying

  15. Pretty cool plugin, does this thing pull latest entry info from the “website” field in the comment?

  16. Tony Kummer says:

    The plugin checks your site for a feed and tries to pull its last entry. It seems to pick up most of the feeds, but not everyone is supported.

    It’s been fun and I think it does encourage comments and people checking out new blogs.

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