Dr. Lawless Wrote You A Letter

. . . and I think you should read it.

I have great respect for Dr. Lawless and really hope that he’s right about us and the SBC when he says:

Young Southern Baptist, I believe in you. I want you involved in SBC life, trusting that you affirm our clear stand on the Word of God, choose to live a God-honoring life, and are committed to the Great Commission. Be both patient and persistent with us, modeling humility for us in all that you do. All of us want to see God do a mighty work through this denomination.

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One Response to Dr. Lawless Wrote You A Letter

  1. I hope he is right about us too. I will say, though, that I was encouraged to see a number of us “younger” crew (though I’m fast approaching the end of being called young!) at the Convention in Indy this year. I saw a good number of young people at the Founders breakfast and at the Pastor’s Conference as well. I know that many younger pastors coming fresh out of seminary want to leave because of the difficulties they see, but it is encouraging to see as many as I did this year at the Convention.

    I think one of the issues related here is the plural elder model of church government. Many younger guys are coming out firmly adhering to this view and those of us younger guys like me who firmly disagree with it are in the minority. As many of our churches are “traditional” in nature and would have no desire to change to a Presbyterian model of governance, this is going to create major issues in coming years. I think it will cause a lot of Godly men to leave the SBC for other good denominations. I may be wrong here, but I see this as the next big controversy in the Convention in coming years down the road. Just as the rise of Calvinism split people apart a few years ago and continues to do so in some hot spots of the USA, I think the plural elder model will do the same eventually. We can only pray that we would have the spirit of humility that Dr. Lawless requests of us. If we don’t, many will leave out of frustration for needless reasons.

    Michael Wilhites last blog post..Lordship Salvation and Repentance

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