Dr. Millard Erickson Interview By Russell Moore

Dr. Erickson was the guest today on the Albert Mohler Radio Program. It’s worth a listen, as are most of the shows. Here is a the link.

Can Christians learn anything from studying biology, history, or philosophy? Dr. Millard Erickson joins guest host Russell Moore in the studio today, for a helpful conversation about the subject.

I’m glad Erickson is on campus this week. I’ve often wondered why his Systematic gets second billing in most of our Theology classes. Any theories?

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5 Responses to Dr. Millard Erickson Interview By Russell Moore

  1. I think it’s because Grudem has much better graphic designers. Erickson’s Systematic text is soo 1994. This also explains the wholesale abandonment of Berkhof. He was my crib when Grudem left me scratching my head. Short and sweet and to the point, very well structured volume. Actually answers my questions on the topics. I hope Packer is able to complete his systematic text. He’d better get a good graphic designer, too.

    G. F. McDowell’s last blog post..Being Just Like Mommy: Cosmetics Idolatry

  2. Joseph Gould says:

    Most see Grudem’s volume as more pastor-friendly, while Erickson’s as more philosophical in nature. If true, that is probably why Grudem’s is slightly more popular.

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  3. Matt Privett says:

    I think a little bit of it, in recent years at least, has to do with the fact that when people think of Grudem they usually think of John Piper, too.

    Matt Privett’s last blog post..Israeli professor finally explains the supernatural

  4. Tony Kummer says:

    I’ve heard (not sure where) that Erickson will go into the philosophical discussions where Grudem will go into the exegetical discussions more.

    Joseph – I guess that is real similar to what you are saying.

    Matt – I can definitely see the Piper endorsement as pulling weight, especially in our camp.

    McDowell – You are a cynic, but I like it.

  5. After this lecture series, I can see where Erickson would get more philosophical than Grudem. I will post today’s lecture later this evening (dv).

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