Dr. Ware, Resurgence, and the Hands of God and Men

Dr. Bruce Ware recently spoke the the Spring Resurgence Conference of Mars Hill Church (Mark Driscoll is lead pastor). The title of the conference was called “Where the Hand of God and the Hands of Men Meet.” The first session was entitled “The Uncertain Hands of God and Men: Providence in Process Thought and Open Theism.” The second session was “Independent Hands of God and Men: Providence in Classic Arminianism.” The third and final session was “Coordinated Hands of God and Men: Providence in the Reformed Tradition.” You can listen to an interview of Dr. Ware by Resurgence about the conference by clicking here. Want to listen to more? Check out this nice collection of Dr. Ware’s messages at this blog.

Of late, Dr. Ware’s name has been dropped here and there from the Executive Committee Meeting to a recent Baptist Press article in an attempt (I presume) to criticize him for his affiliation with Mark Driscoll and the Acts 29 Network (BTW, check out their doctrinal statement – it’s well done). I for one found this conference very encouraging and the partnership between the two even more promising. What do you think?

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